We stock a wide selection of outrigger paddles by Kialoa (Foti & Biscuit steering Blades, Nehu Double Nehu'Straight shaft Axel II and Axelwoods), Gillespie's (Power Surge and Steering Blades), Quick Blade (Kanaha Hybrids All Carbon and Double Bend Kanaha's,  & Introducing Quick Blades Steering Blade), Mudbrook. 
"We can outfit you from

Providing the paddling community of Maui with the best and latest for their paddling needs.  Tri Paddle Maui carries
One man leashes,
Hydration systems & Nutritional products
Paddle covers & cases,
Rigging Rope
Rack Pads
 Available in Wood, Hybrid (carbon & wood), all carbon 
Owners Marcella & Wendall DeVera
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